The Columbia Social Work Review is delighted to announce The Amsterdam, a new forum for original thinking and insights in social work and social justice.

The Amsterdam blog emerged out of a realization that many article submissions the Review could not accept were still excellent and insightful - just not styled long-form journal articles.

We wanted to provide a forum for the expression of ideas and opinions on topics of social justice, written in a more editorial style. In addition, we wanted social work writers to have the opportunity to comment on current events and issues as they occur. 

Pieces submitted to the Amsterdam will be subject to an editorial process, including review by several editors, just like journal articles submitted to the Review. The standards of research and academic rigor and integrity will be the same as those of the Review. It is envisioned that the Amsterdam will become a bimonthly meaningful forum for discussion, commentary, and critique. The launch of the Amsterdam recognizes the powerful voice of short-form online pieces in shifting public discourse, in advocating for social change, in informing practitioners, and in putting issues on the policy agenda of lawmakers. 

We accept articles for submission on a rolling basis through the “submissions” tab. Articles can be on any social work- or social justice-related topic, must be less than 1000 words, and should be referenced using APA 7th Edition rules of citation. Authors will be notified if an article is selected for editing and publication.