In-Class Purposes of Flipped Mathematics Educators

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Lindsay A. Eisenhut
Cynthia E. Taylor


This paper provides empirical findings from a study that examined how three grade
7-12 flipped mathematics educators utilized class time when implementing a flipped learning model. Additionally, the researchers investigated the educators' purposes for various in-class tasks as well as their general use of class time. The data revealed flipped mathematics educators engaged students in multiple mathematical activities throughout each class period so as to provide the opportunity for students to develop their (1) introductory content knowledge and procedural fluency, (2) conceptual understanding of mathematical topics, and (3) mathematical problem-solving
abilities. Implications from this study contribute to the literature on secondary mathematics classroom teachers’ purposes and provide insights into the classroom practices of flipped mathematics educators.

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Eisenhut, L. A., & Taylor, C. E. (2015). In-Class Purposes of Flipped Mathematics Educators. Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 6(2).