Tech@MoMath: Technology Use in the Forthcoming Museum of Mathematics

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Heather Gould
Catherine Reimer


In the late Fall of 2012, the Museum of Mathematics (“MoMath”) will open in New York City and will be the only museum dedicated solely to mathematics in the United States. The content and design of most of the exhibits are not yet available to the public but some information about how the Museum will use technology has been released. The ways that the Museum makes use of technology can be classified into two categories: those that increase accessibility and those that increase exposure. The specific technologies used within both categories are discussed in the context of their pedagogical value. Teachers then are introduced to some ways that they can adapt MoMath’s technology use to their own classrooms.

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Gould, H., & Reimer, C. (2011). Tech@MoMath: Technology Use in the Forthcoming Museum of Mathematics. Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 2(2).