Supporting Teacher Learning During Modeled Mathematics Instruction Findings From One Coach-Teacher Dyad

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Evthokia Stephanie Saclarides


Although modeling instruction has been identified as a productive professional development activity that coaches can use with teachers in their classrooms, coaches are provided with little guidance regarding how to support teacher learning as they model mathematics instruction. While previous research points to the importance of providing teachers with examples of high-quality instruction through the coach’s model, teachers may need additional support as instruction unfolds to make sense of what they are observing. As part of the current study, I partnered with one mathematics coach and explored how she explicitly sought to augment teacher learning while modeling mathematics instruction. Findings indicate that the coach leveraged three approaches: engaging the teacher in verbal asides during modeled instruction, providing the teacher with written asides in the scripted lesson plan, and scaffolding the observing teacher’s responsibilities. Implications are provided for research and practice.

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coaching, professional development, modeling mathematics instruction
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Saclarides, E. (2023). Supporting Teacher Learning During Modeled Mathematics Instruction: Findings From One Coach-Teacher Dyad. Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 14(1), 11–19.