Presenter Instructions

Instructions for Presenters/Panel Chairs/Host Chairs
Times Per Presentation By Type:

Show-and-Tell ( # 1 - #15) = 12 min. each
Paper on Regular Panel (# 1 - # 25) = 20 min. each
2 DH Workshops = 90 min. total
1 Round-Table + screenings = 90 min. total
Plenary Panel (# 1 - #3) 45 min. + screening – 22 min. per presentation
Screening Intros: 5 min. max.

Audiovisual: What to Bring

Format: Powerpoint or Keynote; clips embed in slidesbring on USB/thumb drive – NO computers
                           Note: Show-and-Tell presentations in Lenfest KOB screening room - 150 seat theatre
Speaker Set up: 15 min. slots before presentations marked on schedule: AV student support in Lenfest KOB +  Dodge Hall rooms 511, 507, 508, 504: AV support will copy Powerpoint or Keynote on desktop – with embedded clips (or links embedded). Test any sound and/or Internet access

Room descriptions/seating:
Lenfest Center for the Arts — Manhattanville Campus — 129th & Broadway
Katharina Otto-Bernstein (KOB) screening room — 150 ranked-seating theatre — elevator to 2nd fl.
Dodge Hall — Morningside Campus — 116th and Broadway — elevator to 5th fl.
Dodge 511 — 78 ranked-seating classroom/theatre
Dodge 507 — 30 seat classroom
Dodge 508 — 30 seat classroom
Dodge 504 — smaller classroom for spillover

For Great Powerpoint presentations:

  1. Embed clips (mp4, mov, wmv) in slides
  2. Limit links or videos that require Internet connection to absolute minimum (best if none)
  3. Use Powerpoint Animation feature to limit amount of text onscreen – bullet points to coordinate point by point with your presentation narration.
  4. For new Powerpoint design ideas:

Note: We will have AV consultation available in Lenfest KOB green room to check presentations
Tip: Because audiences read text on screen instead of listening to speaker,  text needs to =  your script
        Save long text for the written version!

Instructions to Panel Chairs/Show-and-Tell Host Chair:  

  1.  You’re chairing either a 3 person or a 2 person panel or hosting Plenary Panel + Screening event
  2. No intros necessary - Refer audience to Bios Online to save time; make announcements (See program)
  3. Presentation times: See above. Please keep time & remind at 2 min. left.
  4. Discussion: 25 min. (3 person panels); 15 min. (2 person panels) — No Plenary or Show-and-Tell discussion
  5. Time between panels: Please stop discussion 5 min. before schedule finish time to give everyone time between – rooms are on same floor

COVID policy: Masks indoors in NYC. Building checks at door = proof of vaccination + I.D.
To check Columbia University COVID policy updated daily:
Columbia University COVID Policy